As Cities Burn - Pirate Blues chords

in E flat tuning play standard chord forms

G Cadd9 G Cadd9 EmBefore you, your mom and your dad used to smoke in the Texas sun.
G They were young once too.
G Cadd9 G And your mom she found Jesus,
Cadd9 Em while your old man stepped out and drew up his veins.
G Cadd9 G Cadd9 G
G Cadd9 GIt's quiet in the house of the old.
Cadd9 Em G You can hear through grinding teeth, clocks taking their tool.
G Cadd9 G'Cause time has a mind of its own,
Cadd9 Em Like our sun spinning around.
It wont slow for you now.
G Cadd9Oh I wanna catch in a song,
GNotes I don't hear yet.
Cadd9But I will when I'm gone.
G Cadd9 GI've been pouring my heart up,
Cadd9 Em Up through the floor boards,
But you don't live here anymore.
G Cadd9Oh you wanna catch in a lens,
G Cadd9Color your green eyes don't see just yet.
G Cadd9 G Cadd9 G
GThe horse man,
Cadd9 GThey all blow out their torches.
Cadd9 Em I can still see you shining out.
G Cadd9 GBut you sleep in a bed for a giant,
Cadd9 EmWhile you wait for your love to come home.
G G G Cadd9 G G GBut you don't know, she's not coming back.
G Cadd9Oh I wanna find out I'm wrong.
G Cadd9And every road leads us home.
G Cadd9 G Oh but I'll never know, 'cause i keep my eyes closed
Cadd9And only go where I've been before
[G Cadd9 G Cadd9]X2
G G G Cadd9 G G G G G G Cadd9 GOh say you don't know, if you don't.
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