As Tall As Lions - Ghosts Of York tab

    Ghosts of York
      by As Tall As Lions

Tabbed by Raul Garcia []

This song is pretty easy after some practice and fun to play. 
I didn't bother to tab out strumming patternsor anything like
that so you'll have to listen to the song to get all the timing 
and strumming right. I can't say this is 100% accurate but I will
say it's pretty close. E-Mail me for any corrections you might
have. Hope you enjoy the tab.. Rate accordingly.


Tuning: Flat Tuning [Down 1/2 a step]

[ Intro Build-Up ] PART AEb|-------15-----------15----------0----------0-----------10--------10-------7-------7----|Bb|----------13-----------13----------13----------13---------8---------8-------8-------8--|Gb|----14-----------14----------14----------14----------9---------9--------7-------7------|Db|-15-----------15----------15----------15----------10--------10--------9-------9--------|Ab|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|Eb|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
[ Verse - Song Kicks In (00:53) "Tell me that you could hear it..." ] PART BEb|-------------------------------------0--------------------0---|Bb|-------------------------------10-------10----10----10--------|Gb|-/12-12-9-----9-------------10----10-------10----10----10-----| x2 Db|-----------12---12-10-9---------------------------------------|Ab|--------------------------------------------------------------|Eb|--------------------------------------------------------------| [the picking pattern changes for the 10-10-0 section the 2nd time played]
[ (01:06) "Could've sworn that I..." ] PART CEb|-------------7-----5--------7-5--| Eb|-12-10-|Bb|-------5-------5-----5------5-5--| Bb|-10-8--|Gb|---5-----5-------5-----5----5-5--| x2 2nd Time: Gb|-10-9--|Db|-7---7-----7----------------7-7--| replace chords Db|-12-10-|Ab|---------------------------------| with these: Ab|-------|Eb|---------------------------------| Eb|-------|
[ Chorus - Song Explodes! "And from the corner of my eye..." (01:20) ] PART DEb|-xxxxxx-| |------------|Bb|-xxxxxx-| |---------8--|Gb|-xxxxxx-| |-10--9---9--| x2Db|-xxxxxx-| |-10--10--9--|Ab|-xxxxxx-| |-8---10--7--|Eb|-xxxxxx-| |-----8------|
The song transitions back into the verse with 05xxxx and a few bends at 01:38...
[ Big Build up to Final Chorus (03:11) ] PART EEb|-----|Bb|-----|Gb|-7-9-| x2 Db|-7-9-|Ab|-5-7-|Eb|-----|
[ Song ends on... ]Eb|---|Bb|---|Gb|-2-| x2 Db|-3-|Ab|-3-|Eb|-1-|
========== Song Order ========== Part A Part B Part C Part D Part B Part C Part D Part A Part E Part D ===========
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