Asaf Avidan And The Mojos – Losing Hand chords

Asaf avidan - losing hand/chords

GmYour slot machine is broken
BbBut that's where my coins will go
GmI'm a gambling man, I am
Bb Gm BbBut I like it when the odds are low
GmYou're dealing from your elbow
BbAnd the aces are packing in
GmI'm a gambling man, I am
BbAnd I've seen a cheating girl, I've seen
Gm BbOh oh oh oh oh oh
Eb Bb/DTonight, too hard to stop two hearts to beat
GmTo know two rights from wrong
Eb Bb/DTonight too hard to deal two hearts
GmWhen everybody's letting go
Loud part: Gm Last part: Dm Cm
Dm Cm The stakes are getting higher
Dm Cm So I fold my cards and go
Dm CmSee I'm a gambling man, I am
Dm CmAnd I know a losing hand, I know‎
Gm BbOh oh oh Oh oh oh
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