Asaf Avidan And The Mojos - Oh Western Wind tab

-----Oh Western Wind - by Asaf Avidan And The Mojos-----|----------------tabbed by Maor Efrati-------------------|-----------------(|
Another song from the "Through the Gale" album. In this song we have only a cello and a guitar, so in the cello parts I will write you a tab of the notes and cello play with the guitar chords above it. uses standard tuning. play the chords like this:
A F#m E E5 D A5 F#5e---5-|-2-|-0-|---|-5-|---|---|B---5-|-2-|-0-|---|-7-|---|---|G---6-|-2-|-1-|---|-7-|---|---|D---7-|-4-|-2-|-2-|-7-|-7-|-4-|A---7-|-4-|-2-|-2-|-5-|-7-|-4-|E---5-|-2-|-0-|-0-|---|-5-|-2-|
Intro: F#m A E F#m x 2 F#m A Oh Western Wind E F#m bring me to shore F#m A E I've bee sailing these waters F#m like no man before F#m A I got nobody E F#m to breath out my name F#m A a lonely disciple E F#m of your heavenly game
D A E F#m |e--2-------------------------- |B----5--3--2------------------ |G-------------4--2--1--------- | X2D-------------------------4--- |A----------------------------- |E----------------------------- |
A E Oh Western Wind E F#m bring me to shore A E I've bee sailing these waters E F#m F#m like no man before
D A E F#me--2--------------------------|B----5--3--2------------------|G-------------4--2--1---------|D-------------------------4---|A-----------------------------|E-----------------------------|
D A E F#m A5 E5 F#5e--2--------------------------------------|B----5--3--2------------------------------|G-------------4--2--1-----------2---------|D-------------------------4--------2---4--|A-----------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------|
E5 F#5 A5 E5 F#5 |e----------------------------- |B----------------------------- |G-------------2--------------- | X2D--2----4----------2------4--- |A-------------0--------------- |E--0----2----------0------2--- |
that's it! Enjoy
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