Asaf Avidan And The Mojos - Turn Of The Tides Under The Northern Lights chords

Hey everyone, here are the chords (which I think are correct) to this song of Asaf Avidan & Mojos,
from their album "Through the Gale". I thank my guitar teacher for helping me figure them out.

Cm BbThe sun, it rises and sets
Ab GMy homeward path is the place where it rests
Cm Bb AbOh, where the sun goes, that'll be my home
GFrom there I come, to there I go
Bridge 1: Cm Bb Ab G x2 Bridge 2: Cm# A Cm# A Cm# A E
E Cm#Love is all I need to take
A EMy heart is strong though my body'll break
E Cm#My lungs will fill with the ocean's salt
A EMy love will keep my heart afloat
E Cm#The waves will tear my battered arms
A EBut in my heart the water is calm
E Cm#The winds will strip my bones from flesh
A EMy love is strong, my heart is fresh
E Cm#My eyes and ears will feed the sea
A EMy heart will keep on guiding me...
Back home... Guide me back home... Back home. (The end goes the same way as the part before: E C#m A E)
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