Asaf Avidan – One Day Reckoning Song tab

ONE DAY/RECKONING SONG          Asaf Avidan & The Mojos


Capo: 6

Am C G Fe ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|b --1---1---1---1-|--1---1---1---1-|--0---0---0---0-|--1---1---1-----|g --2---2---2---2-|--0---0---0---0-|--0---0---0---0-|--2---2---2---0-|D ----2-------2---|----2-------2---|----0-------0---|----3-------3---|A 0-------0-------|3-------3-------|----------------|----------------|E ----------------|----------------|3-------3-------|1--------1------|
Repeat this one line over and over. Way of fingerpicking: m m m m i i i i p p p p etc. Explanation: p = thumb, m = middle finger, i = index finger Tabbed by For the intro: see
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