Ascend The Hill – Fall tab

This is the acoustic part played for about half the song before the full band comes in:

Note: the high e string should not be open all the time, use your own discretion as to when to mute it and when not to.e--0------000---000----000---000----000---000---00-00-00-00-|B--3------333---33/5---555---55/7---777---778---88-77-55-33-|G--0------000---000----000---000----000---000---00-00-00-00-|D--5------555---55/7---777---77/9---999---999---99-99-77-55-|A--3------333---33/5---555---55/7---777---777---77-77-55-33-|E--x------xxx---xxx----xxx---xxx----xxx---xxx---xx-xx-xx-xx-|
This repeats throughout the whole song with minor variations, except that the fourth time it is played, this happens:e--0------000---000----000---000----000---xxx---xx-xx-xx-x-|B--3------333---33/5---555---55/7---777---xxx---xx-xx-xx-x-|G--0------000---000----000---000----000---000---00-00-00-0-|D--5------555---55/7---777---77/9---999---999---99-99-99-9-|A--3------333---33/5---555---55/7---777---70x---xx-xx-xx-x-|E--x------xxx---xxx----xxx---xxx----xxx---xx7---77-77-77-7-|and end on a harmonic over the 12th fret.
Then repeat the first riff. I hope this helps people, I know this isn't super detailed or anything, but it should be enough to help out if you want to play along with the album or use it in a worship set.
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