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Ash – Life Less Ordinary tab

Song: A Life Less Ordinary
Artist: Ash
Submitted By: Kenny (

G     355433
Cmaj7 x354xx or x32000 maybe
G5 355xxx
C5 8(10)(10)xxx
B5 799xxx

Intro (this isn't exact, it's kinda different on every repeat)e---------------------------------------------------|B-------0------------0------------0-----------0-----|G-----0---0--------0---0--------0---0-------0---0---|D---------------------------------------------------|A---5-------5---10-------10---9-------9---9-------9-|E-3-----------8-------------7-----------7-----------|
Other guitar the other guitar just plays G while the first guitar is playing G and C, then slides the G up to B, and palm mutes it (the B). Verse G5 C5 B5 Pre-chorus (type-thing) Right at the start of it, pickscrape the low E string, then into: Am Am/C D ... Am Am/C D Chorus G Am Cmaj7 D X4 (for last chorus X6) To end chorus 1: F#5 To end chorus 2: D To end chorus 3 (end of song): G Interlude E5 (strum, then let ring a couple o times) then palm mute E5 for a while then go into this chord sequence picking like this:
chord sequence: A D G C
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