Ash - Walking Barefoot tab

Song: Walking Barefoot
Band: Ash
By: Dan

Intro and verse:
This is kinda hard to tab and show the rhythem so i'll just type it.
Ok play the Eb#5 for a bar and a half and the Eb5#5 for
the other half of the bar to make up two bars.
Then play Eb5#5 for another half a bar followed by half
a bar of C# then a bar of the F# bit. Im sorry about the
way i have explained this but it seems the easiest way to do so.

     Eb#5   Eb5#5(i think!) C#    F#  F#sus4  F#

In the second line, the Bmaj7 is played over two and a half bars and the rest is the same as the first line. Bmaj7(in the verse the Bmaj7 is replaced with a B) C# F# F#sus4 F#
Riff:(Guitar 2 plays the chords over the tab) Abm C# B F#
Chorus: This is basically just the chords from the riff Bridge: ('Our days are as the wind blows us.....') | Bbm | Bbm | F#m | F#m | B | B | B C# | F# | | Bbm | Bbm | F#m | F#m | B | B | B | C# | This is but at the end another guitar comes in and plays g-13b15-- a few times I hope you enjoy it and im sorry about the way i have had to type it out but if anyone thinks they can do any better lets see someone else tab this out!
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