Ash - Burn Baby Burn Live tab

Tabbed by marcus lubbock
Band - ASH
Song - burn baby burn
Album - free all angels
the bass is just the root notes

H - hammer on
Chords used

B   x23332
E   022100/0220xx
C#  x46664
f#  244322
A   x02220
Am  577xxx

chords over intro |B| |E| |C#| |F#| verse X2 part1 |B| |E| |C#| |F#| part2 |E| Chrous |F#| |B| |E| |A| Chord after the chrous is |Am|
e--11----11----11----11--11---11----11----H12------------|b-----12----12----12---12--12----12----12----------------|g--------------------------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------|These chords over above|B| |E| |C#| |F#|
verse X2 part1 |B| |E| |C#| |F#| part2 |E| Chrous |F#| |B| |E| |A| Chord after the chrous is |Am|
e-13--12------------------| Repeat 4b--------11--12-----------| on last repeat slide finger down b stringg--------------11-13-9-11-| to about 19th fretd-------------------------|a-------------------------|e-------------------------|
verse X2 part1 |EM| |F#| part2 |E| verse X2 part3 |B| |E| |C#| |F#| Chrous |F#| |B| |E| |A| Chord after the chrous is |AM| finsih on |Am| Enjoy ! lubbs
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