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Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 22:41:02 -0500 (EST)
Subject: TAB: by Ash

Song: Innocent Smile
Band: Ash
Album: 1977 (released in 1996)
Written by Mark Hamilton
Transcribed by Luke Knox (

This is a truly great song, and the only one on the album written by 
Ash's great bass player, Mark Hamilton.  It's a cool song to play, and 
not too hard, either.

Verse:E----------B----------G----------D--2----4--A--2----4--E--0----2-- E5 F#5
Chorus:E-------------------------------------------B-------------------------------------------G---------9------5----------5-----9---------D---5-----9------5---5------5-----9-----4---A---5-----7------3---5------3-----7-----4---E---3----------------3------------------2--- G5 E5ii C5 G5 C5 E5ii F#5
Bridge: (1:33 into the song)E--------------------------B--------------------------G---------7-----5----------D---5-----7-----5-----2----A---5-----5-----3-----2----E---3-----------------0---- G5 D5 C5 E5
Then play E5 - C5 during the "hanging from the sky" part.
This riff is played at the end of the E5-C5 progression:E-12-12-12-12--B--------------G--------------
Then there's this octave solo:E--------------------------------------------------B--------------------------------------------------G--------------------------------------------------D-2-2-2-0-2---3-3-3--[Repeat, then:]---------------A-------------------------------------12s11-///-0--E-0-0-0-0-0---1-1-1--------------------------------
This is played 2x:E--9-9-9-9--11-11-11-11-B-----------------------G-----------------------
Then:E-12-12-12-12--14-14-14-14-16-16-16-9-9-9-9-B-------------------------------------------G-------------------------------------------Repeat this, and go to the 17th fret the second time.
The next part of the song is just C#5 - F#5, then it goes to E5 - F#5 at the end when the 1st verse is repeated. Lyrics: (my version! These are not easy to decipher) [Verse] She comes out of town as the sun comes down, Fly with your friends with the stars alive. (2x) Running on a high from the spirit inside, Taking on the world with an innocent smile. (2x) [Chorus] Something knocked me down and I fell right to the ground. I lost it all in one life, just wandering around. [Verse] Vandalism's fun when there's nothing to do, Breaking through a wall, say it wasn't you. (2x) Big daddy rocket take you for a ride, shining to a rocket headed for the sky.(2x) [Chorus] [Bridge] That's when I got this shield up, re-awoke my mind. Swinging from a chandelier, hanging from the sky. You turned me all around, only took your smile, Swinging from a chandelier, hanging from the sky. Hanging from the sky. [End] Running on a high with the spirit inside, taking on the world with an innocent smile. (4x) That's it! I know it's probably not perfect, but let me know if you have any changes, comments, suggestions, etc. I hope you enjoy the tab, and I could use some help with these lyrics! Luke
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