Ashley Tisdale - Crank It Up chords

Ashley Tisdale
Crank It Up
Guilty Pleasure
2009 Hollywood Records
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Key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Bm - x24432
C -  x32010
Em - 022000
G -  320033

Intro: Bm--C x2
Oh Crank it up 
I like that (Oh) 

Verse 1:
Bmyeah this beat
is hypnotic i wanna ride it
Clike a chauffeur
Bmsound of the sonics
controlling me
Cjust like a robot
Bmi go biotic
Cso D D DJ īput it on
Bmim losing logic
incrusing deeper
Cin the zone
Gis so systematic
Bmcharismatic it
got me flows up
Gthis acrobatic beat
Bmis something
a dose of
Gi'm systematic
Bmwhen moving every
single bone
Gthere's no mechanic
Emthat can understand
what im on Chorus:
BmLet's crank it up
crank it up Till the walls cave
C Bmin just crank it up
(crank it up) Put that record on spin
Gcuz i am ready to party
Emgonna get my girls
and get naughty
Bmjust crank it up
( crank it up) till the walls cave in
Cjust crank it up
Interlude: Bm--C- x2 Verse 2:
Bmthis beat is milotic
harmonic got me
Cstriking poses
Bmi get a fucking
Cfeeling so fresh
Bmits so erotic
Cmy body's like a cyclone
Bmim like a puppet
can't stop it
Cdrop it like a stone
(Repeat Refrain and Chorus) Bridge:
Bmjust crank it up
turn it up turn it up DJ turn it up turn it up louder turn it up turn it up
Glouder louder louder
(Repeat Chorus) Outro:
Bm I systematically
Cmoving every bone
Bm So crank it up i
Cwanna get in the zone
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