Ashley Tisdale - I Will Be Me tab

			 I Will Be Me - Ashley Tisdale

Not a big fan, but this song took bout four minutes to figure out.

Played with Capo I.

A Asus2 E Dsus2 F#m B/F#e|-0-|--0--|-0-|--0--|-2-|--2--|b|-2-|--0--|-0-|--3--|-2-|--4--|G|-2-|--2--|-1-|--2--|-2-|--4--|D|-2-|--2--|-2-|--0--|-4-|--4--|A|-0-|--0--|-2-|-(0)-|-4-|--2--|E|---|-----|-0-|-----|-2-|--2--|
Intro X2 Asus2 - E - Dsus2 - E Verse X4 Asus2 - E - Dsus2 - E Pre-Chorus X2 A Chorus X4 Asus2 - E - Dsus2 - E Bridge X2 F#m - B/F# I'm not gonna bother writing anything else out, you can figure it out. Leave a comment rating if you want.
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