Ashton Shepherd – The Pickin Shed tab

Intro : D, D (STOP)
          D                         A
Hey, hey, now, don't you wanna come down
           Bm                                 G
Bring your guitar, here we play music with our own sound
              D                           A
A lot of fine friendship and music's been born and bred
                  G       A               D
Right here in our backyard at the Pickin' Shed

G                         D                    A
I remember the first time I walked through the door
          G                     D             A
I felt at home though i'd never been in there before
             G             D          A
The band was playin' and I sang a few songs
           G                   D                A
I've gotta admit it, i've been hooked from then on

Repeat Chorus + Instrumental Chorus

It's a place we built for the music that we play
Or you can shoot pool or can throw darts any day
It's like our own private bar that's open every night
There ain't no closin' time and no rules to go by

Repeat Chorus

            A                          G
And there's never any pressure you can just relax
           A                               G            (STOP)
And if you ever hang out here, I bet you're gonna come back

Repeat Chorus (Pick the first half)
                  G        (STOP)                D
Right here in our backyard       at the Pickin' Shed
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