Assemblage 23 - Let Me Be Your Armor tab (official website)

as far as i know this song has no guitar, but im pretty sure this would be the guitar if 
guitar in the song existed, which it doesnt...if that makes sense =P

i have to warn you, theres only really one riff so this aint much of a tab
and work out how many times you hit each note by yourself, i cant be bothered lmao


the only difference between the verse and chorus is that the verses are slower... im not sure about this but i think the synth bit in verse 2 is:
or something along those lines i tend to just mess about with those 3 notes and improvise as i go along aslong as nobody notices your just playing the same notes in a higher octave, you always look good :) wow...theres more words than actual tab...bye?
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