Assembly Of Dust – Bootleggers Advice tab

Bootlegger's Advice by Assembly of Dust (Live @ Paradise Rock Club Boston MA
Tune Down Half Step

Verse: Use Variations of This Riff Throughout Verse (Scale of A) A E E7/B I make my money selling speakeasy gin defying logic and law
------------------------|------------------------|-2-------2-------2----2-|>>Verse Riff-2-------2-------2----2-|-0-------0-------0----0-|---0h3h5---0h3h5----3---|
A Cm D Dm A Eevery time the blind pig comes to take his cut he wears a sickly look on Ahis jaw ------------------------| ------------------------| -2-------2-------2----2-|
-2-------2-------2----2-| >>this riff leads right to chorus -0-------0-------0----0-| ---0h3h5---0h3h5----3---|
Chorus: D A F#m B D E I know I've got a tarnished reputation but man I sure can think on my A Verse Riff D A F#m B D toes I know it's not the finest station in life but sometimes E A that''s how it goes (at end of this use variation from intro riff back in back into verse) Bridge to Solo: G F#m D E2 Verse Riffx2 G F#m Thats how it goes everybody tells me so Thats how it goes D E2 Verse Riffx2 you know everybody tells me so .... Solo: Scale of A another verse and chorus follow...there are different variations in verse and in chorus just improvise and use Scale of A
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