Assembly Of Dust - Second Song chords

This is a great song that I have yet to see tabbed out, so i did it my self. Its fairly 
accurate, but the strumming can be a little tricky. The solos are over the Verse chords 
progression and are in the key of A.

Im not sure about the accuracy of the lyrics, just typed them out quickly while 
listening to the song.

Please Rate! and I didn't feel like figuring out the intro but it doesn't sound that 
hard so maybe someone with post it.

Also, All Railroad Earth is TUNED DOWN A HALF STEP

A BmSecond Song came softly
G D EHeard it seeping through the vent
A BmNotes were long in language
G D EThey Describe their circumstance
A BmThe rent, was halfway spent
G D EDay was feeling hot
A Bmshe asked, can we leave this place
G D Ethe answer, probably not
Fm G D AThey guess and they guess, but more than they knew
Fm G D AThat second song was the best they could do
Fm G Dand all of the while, there were 2
G D (A)One eye green, one eye blue
(Continue pattern throughout) They came from somewhere simple A place too plain to be described she found her own dimensions red like the color of her eyes she looked with one eye green and one eye cold, cold blue she looked with both of them shiver through and through Chorus x2 Heard his name ring hallow as it sputtered from her mouth head the door frame shutter as she shuttle from the house she left one green eyed child, one with cold, cold blue shee looked at both of them wondering if he would...wondering if he would doo Chorus
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