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                            "Are You Ready"
                      (Larry Ramos - Tony Ortega)

Intro (acoustic 12-string, [4X])

[3/4] v v v v v v -------------|-------------| -------------|-------------| -------------|-------------| ---------0---|---------2---| -----0h2-----|-0---4-------| -0-----------|-------------|
Verse 1: E7 You better find out who you're puttin' on A7 It ain't me, baby F#7 You're gonna find me gone Chorus: E7 A7 Are you ready (are you ready) E7 A7 Are you ready (are you ready) E7 A7 Are you ready (are you ready) E7 C#7 F#7 A7 E [3-5: E7#9 C#7#11 F#7-9 (implied by horns)] Are you ready, baby, are you ready, ready for that (repeat intro riff on doubled electric 6-string [2X]) Verse 2: You call this lovin' You wanna own my soul You better hang on To what you grab ahold [repeat chorus] Bridge: A D You better change, girl, listen here, girl A D Change your way for a better day, girl A D A It's a groove, girl, when it's right, girl G# A A# B E B E I...I'm gonna show you, yeah B E B When you're ready Verse 3: You're gonna have love Each and every night You're gonna have love That's really out of sight [repeat chorus] Instrumental break: (guitar solo over verse and chorus chords) [repeat bridge] [repeat verse 3] [repeat chorus] Coda: E7 A7 Yes, are you ready readyreadyready E7 A7 Ready, ready, ready, ready E7 A7 Ready (are you ready) [continue to fade] -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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