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                             "Six Man Band"
                            (Terry Kirkman)

Jim Yester, in the liner notes to the Japanese _From The Original Master
Tapes_ CD (Warner/Pioneer WPCP-3536):

  This song, "Along Comes Mary", and "Cherish", were probably closer to
  what THE ASSOCIATION was really about than any other recordings.  The
  release of this song was accompanied by one of the first American Pop
  Videos, although at that time done on 16mm film.


	Ebm/D  [xx0342]

	Fuzz guitar [2X]:

	 Dm            G               Dm            G                Dm

	               -----3-----     -----3-----   -----3-----
v v v v v v v v -----------------------------|-12-------------------------- ---| -------------------------10--|------13--------------------- ---| ---------------10---12-------|-----------14--10------------ ---| -12---1212--12---------------|--------------------12---10-- 10-| -----------------------------|----------------------------- ---| -----------------------------|----------------------------- ---|
Verse 1: [N.C.] Dm G Dm Well I'm a day at a time G Bb F A/E I'm a day at a time Dm C A Dm G Dm G Well, I'm a seeker and a knower in a six man mind Dm G Dm G Dm G Dm [N.C.] [intro riff, 1X] Verse 2: [2: 'Cause] I'm a travelin' man Yes, I'm a travelin' man I'm a comer and a goer in a six man band Dm G Dm G Dm G Dm [N.C.] [Intro riff, 1X] Bridge: C Well I'm a California man, my instrument in hand Dm I'm electrified C On a fast flyin' trip, dirty laundry in my grip Dm Mostly drip-dry C We got the seventeen jewels that dictate the rules Dm Bb And the time to fly as we're passin' by F We just got the time to say hello and then a fast Asus4 Goodbye [repeat verse 2] Coda: [repeat intro riff to fade] -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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