At The Drive In - Catacombs tab

Okay.  Now I have found 3 different ways to play this intro (one of which is already
posted in many tabulature sites) that I thought might be interesting to play.  Given
the various different ways to play the chorus and verse parts etc., this might be
helpful to going along with either.  Also I will put the amount of times each note
is plucked although I may be off, but whatever. :^)
|                |
|Key:            |
|A = Dwn Stroke  |
|V = Up Stroke   |
|________________| (I used my own up and down rhythm for these intros)

So this is my first version of the intro,

e|----------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------|D|---------------9------------------------|A|------999--55--------------22--9--5-----|E|--00--------------33--555---------------| AA AVA AV A AV AVA AV A V
this would be my second version of the intro,
e|--------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------|G|---------------44---------------------|D|------444-----------------------4-----|A|-----------55---------------22-----5--|E|--00---------------33--555------------| AA AVA VA AV AV AVA AV A V
and last but not least the intro I cannot take credit for:
e|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------|D|-----------------99----------------------|A|------999-------------------------9------|E|--00-------1010------33--555--77-----10--| AV AVA A V AV AV AVA VA A V
Well that's it kids. Enjoy these intro tabs and viva la Drive-In!!! Tabulature by: So. Jersey Swizzle
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