At The Drive In – Star Slight tab

Star Sligh -by- At the Drive-in

Intro/Verses -Guitar 1 and 2

D Em B1-2--X--X----|2-3--X--0----|3-2--X--4----| -strum the D and Em about 4 times and the B 7.If you hear the4-0--2--4----| you'll now how to strum it.5-X--2--2----|6-X--0--X----|
(Optional way the play Intro/Verses for those of you who cant play real chords yet hear some easy power chords that work)
Chorus - Guitar 1 and 2
1-X---------------------------|2-X---------------------------|3-X-(x16)-4-------------------|4-2-------4-(x6)(rest)-5------| The rest is one beat. Listen and you will5-2-------2------------5-(x3)-| hear.6-0--------------------3------|
Solo - Guitar 1
Play 2x. Play notes in the (10-8-7-8---------------------------------| first time only1----------------------------------------------------10-(10-8-7-8)---|2---12-10-10-8-7------------------------12-10-10-8-7-----------------|3-9--------------7-(vibrato/bend)-9----9-----------------------------|4--------------------------------------------------------------------|5--------------------------------------------------------------------|6--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2 plays the intro/verse riff behind the solo. Verse again. Chorus again x4 times but on 4th time end on
This is 100% correct i think. And since most of the lyric sites have the lyrics to this wrong i think ill post the correct lyrics. the vocals over lap and Jim starts with all alone... Cedric- Jim- *Verse* *Verse* We paid that shoeshine boy Sailing all alone, Whose buff has no smile, guided by star slight, nowhere He spits on your tip-toes, is home, inside of my mind and you keep bragging folklore like it's out of style, out of focus, harum scarum, we promote this cover, discover *Chorus* *Chorus* ...Better than i do. You know your insides true... *sung over solo* so come on disover that this is star slight, come on discover that this is star slight *Verse* *Verse* He spits on your tip-toes, braggin', Sailing all alone, Nowhere is his braggin folklore, so come on, Star slight, Nowhere is home, discover, discover, discover, that Inside of my mind.. this is star slight *Chorus* *Chorus* ...Better than I do You know your insides true... ...Better than I do You know your insides true... ...Better than I do And you know your insides true.. You know your insides true.
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