Ataris - Everythings Fucked Up tab

Everything's Fucked Up - The Ataris
Tabbed by: Bair
Tuning: Standard

Verse:e|------------------------------------------|B|--6666--------6---6-----------------------|G|--5555--3333--5-5-6-5---------------------|D|--3333--3333--3-5-5-5-(X2)----------------|A|--------1111----3---3---------------------|E|------------------------------------------|"I don’t have anything to say...."
Chorus:e|------------------------------------------|B|--66-44----66-44----66-------6------------|G|--55-33-33-55-33-33-55-33-55-5------------|D|--33-11-33-33-11-33-33-33-55-3------------|A|--------11-------11----11-33--------------|E|------------------------------------------|"Go ahead and have your fun...."
-Then Verse -Then Chorus (X2) -Then Pre-Verse
Interlude:e|------------------------------------------|B|--6---------------------------------------|G|--5--3--55555555--------------------------|D|--3--3--55555555-(X2)---------------------|A|-----1--33333333--------------------------|E|------------------------------------------|"Woke up this morning with a smile on my face."
e|------------------------------------------|B|--6666------------------------------------|G|--5555--3333--5555--22--33--55------------|D|--3333--3333--5555--22--33--55------------|A|--------1111--3333--00--11--33------------|E|------------------------------------------|"You may not have a fucking clue...."
-Then Chorus ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics: I don’t have anything to say There’s nothing I can do to make your problems go away Go ahead and have your fun But remember when this song is done You’re still a stupid geek with out a life You say the world’s coming down on you (Down on you) I push away cause there’s nothing I can do Go away you make me sick I’m really just a stupid prick You know I only care about myself If someone said your life were mine It wouldn’t take me any time To figure out that you are going to die Woke up this morning with a smile on my face Cause I know my destiny is to annoy the human race You may not have a fucking clue When everyone is sick of you You whiny little fuck You know everyone’s more plain than you Go ahead and have your fun But remember when this song is done You’re still a stupid geek with out a life
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