Ataris – Looking Back On Yesterday tab

this song is off one of the warped tour cds. it is not on any of thier other albums so its pretty hard to find. i dont know if this is completly right but its damn close. so dont fuck with it too much.

Main Riff (2x)e-7-7-7-77-77-7777--6-6-6-66-66-6666--4-4-4-44-44-4444--0-0-0-00-00-0000b-7-7-7-77-77-7777--7-7-7-77-77-7777--5-5-5-55-55-5555--2-2-2-22-22-2222g-9-9-9-99-99-9999--8-8-8-88-88-8888--6-6-6-66-66-6666--2-2-2-22-22-2222d-9-9-9-99-99-9999--9-9-9-99-99-9999--6-6-6-66-66-6666--2-2-2-22-22-2222a-7-7-7-77-77-7777--6-6-6-66-66-6666--4-4-4-44-44-4444--0-0-0-00-00-0000E-7-7-7-77-77-7777--x-x-x-xx-xx-xxxx------------------------------------
intro to chorus (2x)e-2-2-2-22-22-2222--0-0-0-00-00-0000-4----4--22-22-2222-0-0-0-00-00-0000-0-0-0-00-00-xxxxb-2-2-2-22-22-2222--2-2-2-22-22-2222-5----5--22-22-2222-2-2-2-22-22-2222-1-1-1-11-11-xxxxg-2-2-2-22-22-2222--2-2-2-22-22-2222-6----6--44-44-4444-2-2-2-22-22-2222-2-2-2-22-22-xxxxd-4-4-4-44-44-4444--2-2-2-22-22-2222-6----6--44-44-4444-2-2-2-22-22-2222-2-2-2-22-22-xxxxa-4-4-4-44-44-4444--0-0-0-00-00-0000-4----4--22-22-2222-0-0-0-00-00-0000-0-0-0-00-00-xxxxE-2-2-2-22-22-2222-------------------------------------------------------------------xxxx
chorus is the same as the main riff. play it twice, but instead of struming the "a" chord the last four times replace it with four scratches. here is the format of which it is played... main riff (2x) inrto to chorus (2x) chorus (2x) main riff (2x) inrto to chorus (2x) chorus (2x) solo (i havent quite figured that one out yet because it sounds like it is played on a violin, but it doesnt sound to hard for a guitar,so that will be up here shortly.)through the solo the guitar just plays the main riff 2x. here are the words, so...have fun. verse #1 30th of april, seems like yesterday. bought a house above the ocean where our kids could laugh and play. i called you from paris, to tel you that i... put our names on the obsevation deck of the effel tower. intro to chorus #1 remember those nights, playin summer wind on the juke box of the bar we used to go, we made-out in the bathroom and you walked me to my house, i tried to convince you not to go home. chorus if only i had more time, id take you where you wanted to go. italy isnt the same with-out you here.(2ndchorus:venice is really nice this time of year) if only i had one wish, id want a million-trillion life time that i could spend with you, fall in love with you again and again. verse #2 1st of november,1998, i was thinking of what to say when i would call. "denise come over to my house, cause your the one for me, we'll drink cheap wine and watch for shooting stars." intro to chorus #2 remember our first apartment, our couch was never big enough for two. still we'd fall asleep in each-others arm and wake up on the floor, now looking back it was made for me and you.
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