Ataris – San Dimas High School Football Rules chords

The Ataris
San Dimas High School Tootball Rules
Blue Skies
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

chords used:
C      x32010
Em     022000
F      133211
G      320003
Am     x02210
E/G#   476xxx

Intro: C  Em  F  G   x2

Verse 1:
CLast night I had a dream
Em F That we went to disney land
GWent on all the rides
CDidn't haft wait in line
EmI took you to your house
Fwhere we stared up at the stars
GI listened to your heart beat
E/G#as I held you in my arms
Chorus 1:
Am F We hung out at the rainbow
Cwhere we drank til half past 2
E/G#nothing could go wrong
C Amanytime that I'm with you
FLike crashing a hotel room
Cor leading up to that first kiss
Gor searching for a high school
Fthat you know doesn't exist
GThese are the things
Cthat make me free
E/G# AmI feel like I'm stuck
G Fin Stand By me
G(hold)This night was too
good to be true Post Chorus: C Em F G x2 Verse 2:
C EmToday I woke up alone
Fwishing you were here with me
GI want us to be something
Cthat we'll probably never be
EmToday you called me up
FSaid you'd see me at our show
GBut now I'm stuck debating
E/G#If I even wanna go
Chorus 2:
Am F Whitney don't you understand
Ceach word I say is true
E/G#I just want you to know I
C Amhave a major crush on you
FI'd take you to Las Vegas and
Cdo the things you wanna do
GI'd even have Wayne Newton
FDedicate a song to you
G CI only wish that this could be
E/G# AmJust Dump your Boyfriend
G Fand go out with me
G(hold)I swear I'd treat you like a queen
Outro: C Em F G x6, C(hold)
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