Ataris – 1 15 96 chords

The Ataris
1 15 96
Blue Skies Broken Hearts Next 12 Exits
1999 Kung Fu Records
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Key: G


Chords used:
G     320033
D     xx0232
Em    022000
G/B   x2x003
C     x32010
D     xx0232
B     x24442
Am    x02210

Intro: G   x2

G D Em G/B C  D   x6

Verse 1:
G D Em Let me start this
G/B C Dfrom the day we met
G D Em G/B You looked so beautiful
C DI never will forget
G D Em Then you opened up your eyes
G/B Clooked at me and kinda smiled
I was scared but still
Ghappy at the same time
D EmI never wanted us to be
G/B Ca superficial family
But in the end it was the only thing we could be Chorus 1:
G G/B D Angie I'm sorry I
G/B Gwasn't right for you
Just what did you
G/B D G/B Emex pect for me to do?
D CYou know that I would
D G D Em G/B C D x2have done anything for you
Verse 2:
G D Em G/B I sometimes think about
C Dhow things could be
G D Em If you would've took
G/B Ca chance and moved
Dout here with me
G D Em We'd cruise along the 101
G/B Cin the California sun
Sing Descendents songs and
D Ghave ourselves lots of fun
DStay out drinking really
Em G/Blate stumble home
Cfrom lower State
Treat every day like it
Dwould be our first date
Interlude: Em D C D G D B x2 G D Em G/B C D x8 Chorus 2:
G G/B D Angie I'm sorry that
G/B G you weren't right for me
G/BI guess that it just
D G/B Emwasn't meant to be
D CI quit pre tending you
D G D Em G/B C D x4, Am(hold) G(Hold)were in love with me
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