Ataris - The Saddest Song Acoustic tab

               The Ataris - The Saddest Song (Aucostic)

Artist: The Ataris
Song: The Saddest Song (Aucostic)
Albulm: So Long Astoria
Tabbed by: ZeroisGreat man.
Tunning: E half step down (Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,eb)

Chord Diagram: Bb Bb5/9 Eb F F5/9 G G5/9eb|-7--0-------0----2--0-----4---0--|Bb|-7--0-------0----2--0-----4---0--|Gb|-8--0-------1----3--0-----5---0--|Db|-9--9-------2----4--4-----6---6--|Ab|-9--9-------2----4--4-----6---6--|Eb|-7--7-------0----2--2-----4---4--|
Both Guitars: Introeb|-x-x-x-x-|Bb|-x-x-x-x-|Gb|-x-x-x-x-|Db|-x-x-x-x-|Ab|-x-x-x-x-|Eb|-x-x-x-x-|
Guitar 1: FillPart 1 - 2 Part 3:eb|--------------------| |-----------------------------|Bb|--------------------| |-----------------------------|Gb|--------------------| |-8-9h-8p---------------------|Db|-8-9h-8p------------| (x2) Then |----------9----11-9----------|Ab|---------9----11-9~-| |------------11---------9-----|Eb|-----------11-------| |--------------------11----7~-|
Guitar 2: Fill Part 1: Bb5/9 Part 2: G5/9 Part 3: F5/9, Eb [Verse 1] Bb G Only two more days, G F Until your birthday, F Eb Bb Yesterday was mine. Bb G You'll be turning five, G F And I know what it's like, F Growing up with out your, Eb Father in your life. [Pre-Chorus] G F So I pretend, F Bb Eb I'm doing all I can, Eb G And I hope someday you'll, F Eb Find it in your heart, G F To understand, F Bb Eb Why I'm not around, Eb G And forgive me for not, F Eb Being in your life. [Chorus](Play twice) Bb5/9 I remember waiting, for you to come, G5/9 Remember waiting for you to call, F5/9 Eb Remember waiting there to find nothing at all... (Repeat fill) [Verse 2] Bb G Maybe someday, G F You'll really get to know me, F Eb Bb Not just what is wed to you. Bb G I pray I get the chance, G F To make it up to you, F We've got a lot of, Eb Catching up to do. (Repeat pre-chorus) (Repeat Chorus) [Outro-Chorus] Bb5/9 G5/9 Forgive me, G5/9 F5/9 I'm so sorry, Eb Bb5/9 I will make it up to you.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: I'm not exactly sure if these are the right names for the chords, however I used them to best discribe them and seperate them from the other chords. Any comments, or corrections, feel free to e-mail me. Peace out. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- =============================================================================
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