Ataris - If You Really Want To Hear About It tab

                IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT - Ataris
Tabbed by: bandgeek10 (Aly Richards)

Tuning: Standard

Key: ~ = let ring
     x = palm mute

Chords used: C5 D5 F5 G5 A5 e-----------------------------------| B-----------------------------------| G-----5-----7-----------------------| D-----5-----7-----3-----5-----7-----| A-----3-----5-----3-----5-----7-----| E-----------------1-----3-----5-----|
INTRO: Guitar 1 (Solo) 1X
e------------------------------ e------------------------------| B-5-----5---5----/6-5---------5 B-5-----5---5---/-6-5-8--------| G--5-----7---7-5-----7-5-4-5-7- G--5-----7---7-5-------5-7---7-| D---5-------------------------- D---5---------------------7-5--| A------------------------------ A------------------------------| E------------------------------ E------------------------------| (Solo Part #1) (Solo Part #2)
Guitar 2: 2X, Strum
e---------------------| B---------------------| G-5555----------------| D-5555-7777-3333-5555-| A-3333-7777-3333-5555-| E------5555-1111-3333-|
PRE-VERSE: Guitar 2, 1X, Palm muting on each hit
e-------------------------| B-------------------------| G-5x-5x-5x-5x-5x-5x-5x-5x-| D-5x-5x-5x-5x-5x-5x-5x-5x-| A-3x-3x-3x-3x-3x-3x-3x-3x-| E-------------------------|
VERSE: 1X, Palm muting on each hit when marked
e---------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------| G-5555----------------5555--------------------| D-5555-7777-3333-5555-5555-7777-3333-55555555-| A-3333-7777-3333-5555-3333-7777-3333-55555555-| E------5555-1111-3333------5555-1111-33333333-| xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx Strum
"Another lonely seaside town, where the seasons closed it down. But if you close your you can almost hear the sound of crowds gone by." CHORUS: Strum
e--------------------------------------| B--------------------------------------| G----------------5555------------------| D-3333-5555-7777-5555--------3~---5~---| A-3333-5555-7777-3333--------3~---5~---| E-1111-3333-5555-------------1~---3~---| 3X (F, G, A, C part) 1X (F, G)
"Another year, you'll all be here...So stay the fu*k home and greet everyone with goodbye." 2nd INTRO: Guitar 2= Same as 1st time (C, A, F, G) Guitar 1: Play solo Part #1 from intro, Then play:
e------------------------| B-8-6-5-------10-8-8---8-| G------7-5-----------9---| D------------------------| A------------------------| E------------------------|
VERSE 2: Same as verse 1 "On this lonely winter's day, while all the crowds were still away. I realized the to temporary smiles and holidays." REPEAT CHORUS: SAME AS FIRST TIME "Boardwalk dreams all boarded up...Cause being alone isn't really all that bad." BRIDGE PART 1: 2X, strum, w/o mute 2nd time
e--------------------------------------xxxxxx-| B--------------------------------------xxxxxx-| G-55555555----------77777777-----------xxxxxx-| D-55555555-77777777-77777777-3333-5555-xxxxxx-| A-33333333-77777777-55555555-3333-5555-xxxxxx-| E----------55555555----------1111-3333-xxxxxx-|
"Don't ever tell anyone anything, or else you'll wind up missing everybody." BRIDGE PART 2: Strum except when marked
e-------------------------------------| B-------------------------------------| G----------------5555-----------------| D-3333-5555-7777-5555-------7777-5~---| A-3333-5555-7777-3333-------7777-5~---| E-1111-3333-5555------------5555-3~---| (3X) (1X)
OUTRO: Guitar 2 = Same as first intro (C, A, F, G) Guitar 1 = Same as second intro END ON: e---- B---- G-5~- D-5~- A-3~- E----
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