Ataris - Cardiff By The Sea tab

The Ataris
Cardiff By The Sea
Welcome The Night
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F -     133211
Am -    x02210
Bb -    x13331
C -     x32010
Dm -    xx0231
Gm -    355333
Dm/C# - x4776x
F/B -   x232xx

Intro: Am--Bb--F-C--Bb--F-C

Verse 1:
Am    Bb      F         Am   Bb      F
  The sea has many colors Profoundly red as wine 
Am Bb            F                   Am        Bb
  The skies they bleed with fleeting passion tonight 

Chorus 1:
F            C           Dm                   Bb
Come sweet euphoria Your light is blinding to me 
    F                       C
You feel as comforting as a mother's warm embrace 
    Dm                                 Bb
But still you're just as lonely as the sea 

Verse 2:
Am   Bb   F       Am Bb       F
  We gaze out upon     the crashing waves 
Am Bb       F                  Am   Bb   
  From this hillside graveyard masquerade 

Chorus 2:
F          C           Dm                 Bb
Sweet terrible angel Embrace my soul with light 
      F                                 C
Is it honesty that sunk my lungs and is dying to get out 
     Dm                        Bb
But still I'm helpless as an orphaned child 

Interlude:Bb--F-C (x4)
Dm--C--F--Dm/C# (x2)

Dm        Dm/C#     F          F/B                 Bb-Dm/C#
  Can you cure this loneliness in my heart My heart
(Repeat twice) then Bb-C

F      Dm     C  Bb  C
  Euphoria, euphoria  (repeat x4)
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