Ataris – Whatever Lies Will Help You Rest tab

The Ataris
Whatever Lies Will Help You Rest
Welcome The Night
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Em -  022000
D -   xx0232
G -   320033
C -   x32010
Bm -  x24432
G/B - x2x003
Am -  x02210

Intro: Em-D-G-C-Em-D-C

Verse 1:
Em             D
  While Kansas city sleeps
G                C                Em
  cloaked in the twilight of this valley
        D              C    
at this churches lying roadside from a tree
Em       D         G         C          Em          
  I keep driving to the most desolate seclusions
   D                 C
my blackest secrets still imprison me

Bm    C           Bm           C
  and why don't we say what we really feel?

       G                    Em
Whenever things are at their best...
        D                  C
whatever lies will help you rest
        G                   Em
whenever things are at their best...
D                          C
  why do we wait for it to fall apart?

Post Chorus:
fall apart 

Verse 2:
Em               D
  Welcome to the after-taste
G/B        C              Em
  of cheap wine and bad decisions
         D                C
my heart trembles in this morning prayer
Em        D     
  I can't chill my eyes
G           C            Em
  from this inner most seductions
     D                C
but still somehow you found me there

(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus)

Am                   C                     Bm
  It's my mistake to say I'm not the world safest bet
                    D                 Am                       C
I've never been too good at being good and its probably sad to say...

(Repeat Chorus twice)
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