Ataris - When All Else Fails It Fails tab

The Ataris
When All Else Fails, It Fails
Welcome The Night
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
D -    xx0232
A -    x02220
Bm -   x24432
G -    320033
Em -   022033
F#m -  244222
F# -   244322
A/C# - x4222x

Intro: D-A-Bm-G---D-A-Bm-A-G--

Verse 1:
You'll be forever an angel
     A/C#      Bm             A              G
in a sun dress blowing in the sweet September wind
                      D           A/C#
At least that's how I choose to remember
    Bm                 A          G
and in my heart you'll never love again

Refrain 1:
      Em                 G
maybe it's too late to regain sight of all that we have lost

Chorus 1:
Bm       A               G
  got to hold on to this moment
            Em                         G
don't let go maybe it's too late for redemption now

Verse 2:
I see a blanket of pale white snow
        A/c#      Bm         A                  G
on the street side from this doll house full of open words
         D                   A/C#
and the stained glass of the church next door
Bm           A              G
  casts it's vile upon this empty room

Refrain 2:
Em                       G
  your eyes that used to shine as bright as open lights without

Chorus 2:
Bm          A           G
  but we're meant to be loved it's the greatest heritage 
Bm      A              G
  I can never make you love me again

Em                           G
  but when all else fails it fails
               Bm-A      G           Bm-A-G
did I fail you? will you fail me too?
F#m               F#             G              Em
  because there's nothing that I wouldn't do to hold on to you
F#m       F#                 G
  but you give me nothing to hold on to
         Em                     G
maybe it's too late to keep the one out from giving up tonight

Chorus 3:
Bm             A               G
  I guess it's too late for forgiveness God forgive me!
Bm             A              G
  I guess it's too late for a family now
Em                      G
  everything reminds me of you
Em                   G
  everything reminds me of you

          D          A/C#
you're an angel in a sun dress
Bm       A                G(hold) 
  and my heart will never love again...
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