Ataxia – Emptys Response tab ver. 3

                          THE EMPTY'S RESPONSE - Ataxia
Tabbed by: LSBroseph

Tuning: Standard

This is the correct tab; the other ones I've seen are only half right.  It's a simple
enough song that you can pretty much improvise it once you get the general idea.  Enjoy
the song!

A        C#m      C#dim/G    Dmaj7/F#**
577655   x46654   3x5653     xx4635

A C#m C#dim/G Dmaj7/F#e|--------------|----------------|----------------|---------5--------|B|--------------|--------5-------|-------7p5------|-----3-----3------|G|--------6-----|-----6----------|----6------6----|---6---------6----|D|-----7-----7--|--6---------7-6-|-5------------5-|-4-----4-------4--|A|--7-----------|----------------|----------------|------------------|E|--------------|----------------|----------------|------------------|
**This isn't completely relevant to the song, but I'd recommend remembering this shape; I've found it to be very useful (mainly in jazz and rock). Having the leading tone and the tonic next to each other in a chords like this gives a really cool dissonant sound that people seem to like.
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