Atheist - Fractal Point tab

               		From the Album ELEMENTS
                	Copyright 1993 Metal Blade Records 

Transcribed by Kerry Vick
E-mail address:

		 	  Version 1.0 - December 1998

Tuning: Standard Tuning (1:E, 2:A, 3:D, 4:G, 5:B, 6:E)

Timing: Listen to music for actual timing...

Notation: When two guitars are listed play all guitars simultaneously.
          b = bend        	/ = slide up         a.h. = artificial
          bf= bend full  	br= bend release            harmonic
          h = hammer-on         \ = slide down                
          p = pull-off          . = palm mute(pm)       t = tapping
          " = tremolo picking   v = swell note louder   ^ = swell note softer

Section A - Repeat throughout song|--------------------------------||--------------------------------||----------------------------*---|GTR I|-5~--/9~--4~-------------/5-4---||--------------7~-5~--3~-------5-||--------------------------------| * - last time end on this note
Section B - swell all notes louder |-12~--14~--15~--17~--19~--20~--22~-||-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------|GTR II|-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------|
continuation of Section B - swell all notes louder|-----15-14-------------------------12~--14~--15~--17~-||-12~--------12-15~--12~-------------------------------||-------------------------12~--------------------------|GTR II|------------------------------14~---------------------||------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------|
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