Athlete – I Love tab ver. 2

			     I LOVE - Athlete
Tabbed by: manic_monkey90
Email: is not for grabs

Tuning: Standard

The other tabs were just plain shoddy. You actually get the slide you hear in the song 
this tab. don't know if its how its played but it actually sounds right! Enjoy this 

Intro & Verse

e|-----9-----9----9---12----12-/------2----2----4----5----5-------|B|---9-----9----9----9----9---/-----2----2----2----2----2---------|G|-9-----9----9----9----9----/----2----2----2----2-----2----------| (x4)D|----------------------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus (I love everybody here...)
e|---9---9----------4----4--------2--2--2---2----4------------|B|--9---9---------4----4---------2--2--2----2----4------------|G|-9---9---9----4----4-----4----2--2--2-----2----4------------| (x2)D|------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse (x4) (Summers long gone out...) Chorus (x4) (There is so much left to say) Bridge: (People for miles...)
Lyrics: fire in me still I feel out of my league but you turn around and say to me that I love everybody here and I agree I love everybody here Summers long gone out Sun comes up like its been about a year But I dont mind if we drink again my friend cos, there is so much left to say There is so much left to say There is so much left to say There is so much left to say People for miles opening up People for miles and focusing on we'd be ok if we had answers to questions and rhymes and in reasons should leave it to me to be all the four seasons You see I love everybody here And I agree I love everybody here I love everybody here I love everybody here Well I love everybody here I love everybody here Life is beautiful for sure Cos I love everybody here
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