Athlete - Rock Scene tab

Rock Scene...

Figured out bu Joel..typed by Jemma...he's not bothered to type it... :)

The intro is hard to figure out..hehe..:|

Verse A C#m D EE| |---5---4---5---7---|B| |---7---4---5---7---|G| |---7---6---8---9---|D| |---6---6---8---9---|A| |---5---5---8---9---|E| |---5---4---5---7---|
A C#m D EE| |---5---4---5---7---|B| |---7---4---5---7---|G| |---7---6---8---9---|D| |---6---6---8---9---|A| |---5---5---8---9---|E| |---5---4---5---7---|
Thats pretty much it for the rest of the song... Lyrics
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