Athlos – Aegean Blue Poseidons Realm tab

This is just the rhythm guitar. It's played on an acoustic guitar and is very 
simple yet very beautiful. Since it's the same thing for the whole song, I just notated like this.

Main riff(Play for the whole song)e|---------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------|G|-2~--2--2-2------------5~--5--5-5------------|D|-2~--2--2-2-3~--3--3-3-5~--5--5-5-5~--5--5-5-|A|-0~--0--0-0-3~--3--3-3-3~--3--3-3-5~--5--5-5-|E|------------1~--1--1-1------------3~--3--3-3-|
. . . . Staccato notes That's it guys, hope you liked. Please rate and comments are welcome! Hails to all gods!
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