Atlas Sound - Attic Lights tab

A great guitar tune from Atlas Sound's 2009 album 'Logos'.

Capo on 8th fret.

"When I came to paradise..."

Go from this..----------0---------|----------0---------|----------4---------|----------3---------|----------3---------|-0h1----1-----------|
To this..----------0---------|----------0---------|----------2---------|----------3---------|----------3---------|--------1-----------|
Then repeat those two progressions. Then when it get's to 'I won't care'..
(basically G and A chords) Alternate between those two until the bridge: D Dmaj7 D7 G "Paradise, paradise..." Then when the climatic violin part comes in,
--0----|--4----|--0----|--0----|--2----|--3----| (Basically a 'G' Chord)
--2----|--2----|--2----|--2----|--0----|--0----| ('A' chord with a 2 on the last string.)
Then play that until the end. There's a solo at the end that I'm not exactly sure about you can probably figure it out on your own, thanks!
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