Atlas Sound - River Card chords

C AmI turned them all away
C AmI turned it all away
C Am Fwhen i leave there's nothing left to say
C Ami won't answer my phone
C Amyou call it all you want
C Am Friver runs and takes the boats away
C Ami thought i'd never see
C Amriver so clear and mean
C Am Fhow many others have you drowned?
D Griver's bottom dark and blue
D Gwhy do i love you so?
D Griver so clear and blue
D G C Ami'm so in love with you, but you'll drown me.
C Amyou'll drown me.
//same chords for the rest :) river so clear and blue what it takes to ignore you how many boys have you drowned? chokes me until i'm dead there are places in my head that i could never conquer. river so clear and blue, i am in love with you. river's bottom dark and blue, why do i love you? you'll drown me. you'll drown me.
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