Atmosphere - Painting chords

Chords: Am F G E

Seems to work when played along.

Am FAin't no color paint gonna cover the stains
G EThe pictures on the wall will all remain
Am FAnd even though he's home now sounding safe
G ESurrounded by the faces that he placed his faith
Am FThe images visit from the past he witnessed
G ECan't stay away from the memories, sticks with
Am Feach detail embedded in stone
G Elike he chiseled those convictions into his bones
Am F the progress stops and pauses
G Espits and sputters like the basement faucets
Am Fand it's obvious he's lost in his regrets,
G Eyou can smell it on his breath
Just repeat through out in a similar fashion Ain't no color paint gonna cover the stains but now the alcohol is gonna mother the pain Tuck it away, no complaints just laying on his back on his backyard under the rain Take tomorrow but doesn't no how though for every swallow there's another to follow He weaves his way throughout the story looking for a new missing piece or a door key Spirits used to be for celebration But now they just take him away from the hell that's waiting Re-up until it's three sheets up and pick a place for the skeletons to meet up Ain't no color paint gonna cover the stains But if the oxygen escapes it'll smother the flames No introduction doesn't speak his own name Gonna beat them demons at they own game The sunset rides to the end slow Same song echoing outside of the window You can't grow if the skin don't fit you Sometimes you gotta get low just to get through No inspiration left to do your best when, nobody hates you more than you're reflection Suffer the shame until it stuffs the drain He's got two hands and a bucket of paint, come on
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