Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You tab

You can play the main riff 2 ways; 1-On the E + A or 2-The harmony on the D + G. It
like John Du Cann played it on the E then over dubbed the harmony (or visa versa). I usually
it on the E (mainly because Cann uses vibrato on the string, not essential but if you 
to sound 'truer' tot the original) but on the last run through to give it a bit of
I play the power chord.

Main Riff (E + A) (I'll upload the intro later):

and on the D + A...
This next part is really easy too, its just a basic strumming technique which is easy to work out when you listen to the track, so I'll just put the notes/chords to play. As the 'main riff', the E + D are hamronised, but no vibrato is used here so you can play like a power chord but muting out the A:
I'll upload the rest of the song later :)
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