Atomic Swing - Panicburgh City tab

This is the intro and the part after it, of the song Panicburgh City by
Atomic Swing (really great swedish rock/pop band). I am (hopefully) soon
going to tab the rest of the song but for now I've only got this far.
So, stay tuned and enjoy!(Btw; don't know if it's 100% (probably not)
but I like playing it this way and I hope you'll too.)

Paniburgh City

Part after intro Intro |e|----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-7/9--7---7-----------------------------------------------------------|D|--------9---9~-7--9p7---7--------------------7~~-----7~-789-----------|A|----------------------9---7h9p7\5--------7/9-----7/9--------7-7-9-5---|E|----------------------------------5h6h7~----------------------------7-|
One more time |
After that, he starts to sing "Take me out today..." and so on. Hope you liked it and as I said, I'm going to tab the rest later (though I think that after what I've tabbed now comes chord-playing and later in the song solo).
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