Atomic Tom – Take Me Out chords ver. 2

Left handed
Take Me Out- Atomic Tom
Standard Tuning

Yes, this is the song that recently went viral because the band played it in a NYC
with just IPHONE APPS. Really awesome. An easy song to play. The tricky part would probably
changing of chords in the chorus. But just listen to the song and try playing along with 
you'll get it in no time! (:

Verse 1 & 2:
D F#m Bm G  x2

Bm-A-G (Take me out)
D F#m (I don't start, I don't end...)
Bm-A-G (Take me out)
D F#m (I don't lose, I don't win...)
Bm A (love is what we make it)
F#m G (take my heart and break it)
Bm-A-G (take me out...)

Verse 3:
D F#m Bm G  x2

Repeat Chorus

Bm (I don't wanna stay home)
A  (I don't wanna stay here)
F#m (I don't wanna live half my life...)
G (...and disappear)
Bm (So if you wanna take chances)
A (take a chance on me...)

Repeat Chorus

D D (I don't wanna stay home...)
Bm A (I don't wanna stay home...)
F#m G (I don't wanna stay home...)
Bm A  (I dont wanna stay home...)
F#m ( I don't wanna stay home...)
end with G
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