Atreyu – Exs And Ohs tab

Exs And Ohs
Death Grip On Yesterday
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Key: F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Dm - xx0231
C -  x32010
Bb - x13331
A -  x02220
C# - x46664
F -  133211

Intro: Dm--C--Bb--A x2

Guitar 2: x means palm mute, b means bend Dm C Bb Ae|----0--1-|-------0-----1-----0---0h1p0---|----0--3-1-|-0--1--3--5b-B|-3-------|-3---------------------------1-|-3---------|-------------G|---------|-------------------------------|-----------|-------------D|---------|-------------------------------|-----------|-------------A|---------|---3-3---3-3---3-3---3---------|-----------|-------------E|---------|-------------------------------|-----------|------------- x x x x x x x
Dm C Bb Ae|----0--1-|-------0-----1-----0---0h1p0---|----0--1--3--5--1-|-0--1--3--8b-B|-3-------|-3---------------------------1-|-3----------------|-------------G|---------|-------------------------------|------------------|-------------D|---------|-------------------------------|------------------|-------------A|---------|---3-3---3-3---3-3---3---------|------------------|-------------E|---------|-------------------------------|------------------|------------- x x x x x x x
Verse 1: Dm You took me home I drank too much Cause of you my C liver turned to dust Cold rust taste cold creeping cold pain Bb Do you understand what I mean? Dm When you feel your soul drop to the floor Like a hole like an C open bleeding sore Then you'll have bled like I've bled Growl: Bb Then you'll have wept as I've wept
Guitar 2: In "Do you understand"e|---------------------------------------B|---------------------------------------G|-14-14-14-9-9-9-10-10-10-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-D|--x--x--x-x-x-x--x--x--x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- x4A|-12-12-12-7-7-7--8--8--8-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-E|---------------------------------------
Chorus: Do Intro for guitar 2 Dm Suck me down it's C time to rock and roll Bb Let's hit the bar A let's lose control Dm One false move C you took me home Bb One false move A you're all alone Verse 2: Dm But it looks so good and it feels so nice I've paid my price C I'll cut you out just to hear you scream Bb Get away from get away from me Growl: Dm And I can feel my F Dm F heart beat racing Dm As I realize F Dm F what I must do C Get away from get away Bb from get away from you Bridge: Bb Should've turned A around like hell Dm Last time I got F a taste of you Growl: Bb I should've turned A and ran like hell C# Dm And I say we're through (Repeat) C# Dm And I say we're through
Guitar 2: In Bridge Bb A Dm Fe|-------|-------|--------|--------B|-------|-------|--------|--------G|-7-----|-9-----|-10-----|-17-----D|-x(x8)-|-x(x8)-|--x(x8)-|--x(x8)-A|-5-----|-7-----|--8-----|-15-----E|-------|-------|--------|----------
|-x2 Bb A C# Dm |e|-------|-------|--------|----------B|-------|-------|--------|--------G|-7-----|-9-----|-10-----|-7------D|-x(x8)-|-x(x8)-|--x(x4)-|-x(x4)--A|-5-----|-7-----|--8-----|-5------E|-------|-------|--------|--------
C# Dm Breake|--------|----|-17-------B|--------|----|----17-18-G|-10-----|-7--|----------D|--x(x4)-|-x--|----------A|--8-----|-5--|----------E|--------|----|----------
Guitar solos: Bb--Dm--Bb--C#-Dm x2 C#-Dm
Guitar 1: Travis Miguel at 2:03 Bb H. E E E E E E E E E E E||--------------------------|----------------------5--6--|B||--15----------------------|----------------------------|G||--17b------------17--\14--|--14~--L--L--L--L--L--------|D||--------------------------|----------------------------|A||--------------------------|----------------------------|E||--------------------------|----------------------------|
SH S E S E S S S E S E S S E E E E E E E E --10----8----6---5----6----5---|------------------------------|-------------------------------|--5b--L--5--------------------|-------------------------------|------------------------------|-----7----7----7---7----7----7-|---------------<>7~--L--------|-------------------------------|------------------------------|-------------------------------|------------------------------|
Bb S S S S E S S S S S S E S S S S S S E S S E E S S E ------3-5--------0-6-8----------|--8-10------------10--13--/10-L-7b--|----------3------------6------6-|-------8------8---------------------|----5--------2-3---------5--5---|---------7-7------------------------|--5-----------------------------|------------------------------------|--------------------------------|------------------------------------|--------------------------------|------------------------------------|
C# Dm E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E --L--9-----7b--L--9-----8b--|--L--10--8-------------------||----------------------------|------------10~--L--L--L--L--||----------------------------|-----------------------------||----------------------------|-----------------------------||----------------------------|-----------------------------||----------------------------|-----------------------------||
Guitar 2: Dan Jacobs at 2:15, tapping Bb T T T T S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S --10-----------10----------------------------------|-----8h-10h-11----11p-10p-8-10--------------6-8-6h-|-------------------------------10p-9p-7h-9h--------|---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|
Dm T T T T PM PM PM S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S Q E E E E E E -----------------------------------------|----------------------1--|--5p-3-3----1-3----1---------------------|-------------------------|---------3h-----3p---2-0h----------------|----------3--2-----------|--------------------------3-0h-2-0h------|-------0--------0--0-----|------------------------------------3h---|-------------------------|---------------------------------------3-|-------------------------|
Bb E Q E E Q E E S S S S S S S S S S S S S S ---L--0---------------------|------8-10-13-10-8-10-15----------13----------|-----------3--3-------------|-------------------------15-13-15----15-13-15-|-----------------2----<>3~--|---L------------------------------------------|----------------------------|----------------------------------------------|----------------------------|----------------------------------------------|----------------------------|----------------------------------------------|
C# \0/ \1 \1 S S S S E E Q. E Q. H E --15--------------15b--15~------------|--------------------12--|-----15-13-15-15----------------<>14--|--14-------L------------|--------------------------------------|------------------------|--------------------------------------|------------------------|--------------------------------------|------------------------|--------------------------------------|------------------------|
Dm C# \1/ |-3-| Q E E Q Q S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S E --12b----(12)--10--10----10\----|--8-6-5-3-1-0-8-6-5-3-1-0-8-6-5-10---|--------------------------------|--------------------------------13b--|--------------------------------|-------------------------------------|--------------------------------|-------------------------------------|--------------------------------|-------------------------------------|--------------------------------|-------------------------------------|
Dm \1 /0 H H --10--------10--------||--13--------13--------||----------------------||----------------------||----------------------||----------------------||
Verse 3: Guitars only: Guitar 2 will do the intro riff Dm C Bb You fell upon me like a plague A Weakness sweet weakness Bass will enter: Dm C But I digress Bb After all this A(hold) You're just like all the rest (Repeat Chorus) End on Dm Duration Legend --------------- W - whole H - half Q - quarter E - 8th S - 16th T - 32nd X - 64th . - note dotted |-n-| - n-tuplets Tablature Legend ---------------- L - tied note x - dead note g - grace note (n) - ghost note > - accentuded note NH - natural harmonic AH - artificial harmonic TH - tapped harmonic SH - semi harmonic PH - pitch harmonic h - hammer on p - pull off b - bend br - bendRelease pb - preBend pbr - preBendRelease brb - bendReleaseBend \n/ - tremolo bar dip \n - tremolo bar dive -/n - tremolo bar Release up /n\ - tremolo bar inverted dip /n - tremolo bar return -\n - tremolo bar Release down S - shift slide s - legato slide / - slide into from below or out of upwards \ - slide into from above or out of downwards ~ - vibrato W - wide vibrato tr - trill TP - tremolo picking T - tapping S - slap P - pop < - fade in ^ - brush up v - brush down
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