Atreyu - Nevadas Grace tab

song: Nevadas Grace Outro
artist: Atreyu
tabbed by ME

/ = slide up
\ = slide down

yes, this is the outro actually. i dont have the patience to tab the whole song. but i 
i got this right.

  guitar 1:

E|-------------------------------|---------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|---------------------------------|G|-------------------------------|---------------------------------| loop x1D|------------------------(flows into next)------------------------|A|---10~----6-/8-6-5~----3/1\3---|--/10~----6-8-8/10-5~---6-/8-\5--|E|-------------------------------|---------------------------------|
| |guitar 2(play together with above): |
E|-------------------------------|----------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|----------------------------------|G|-------------------------------|----------------------------------| loop x1D|-------------------------------|----------------------------------|A|-------------------------(flows into next)------------------------|E|---4~----/8-----\6----------8\\|\\\4~----/8-------\6-----------8\\|
i lined up the second guitar right under the part it plays with in the first guitar. and right im sure if it made sense to you. just let it all flow. listen to the song and it make better sense but i know its right. comment, rate and stuff. peace.
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