Attack In Black - If All I Thought Were True tab

Eb                     Bb          F      Eb              Gm    F
if priests are princes' hallowed shadowed souls
Eb           Bb    F       Eb    Gm      F
if devils are angels cast to know
Eb           Bb       F     Eb      Gm   F
I live forever with a sharp regret 
Eb          Bb            F        Gm        Eb
it might be a surprise to know I never wished for death

F           Gm    Eb    Bb     F  Gm   Eb
a hint of misery made its way along
F        Gm      Eb    Bb F     Gm     Eb
to those who've never harmed or never wronged

if honesty changed the hearts of men
who could contend?
F     Gm          Bb
if all I thought were true
Bb     F     Gm    Eb
in this great divide that is my life
Bb     F    Gm        Eb
I fear to think of all I'd undo
Gm       F         Eb
if all I thought were true...

verse 2 has the same chords as the first

even my own ears would never care to know
what deep inside ourselves our hearts behold a sky in shards, our world's unraveled parts
impossible to piece as one in our unending dark
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