Attica Attica - Hobo Chili chords

this tab is 100% correct. Based of the video of him playing it here: http:// It's a very fast song to 
play, chord changes can be difficult at first

Verse 1:
A D A DThere’s a backyard show where everybody goes
A E‘cause everybody knows at this masquerade
A D A DThey wear strange costumes and heave water balloons
A E Aand one kid’s dressed up like a deviled egg
D AThat’s when I say, “ What’s this? There’s something that I’ve missed
Ethere ain’t nothing like this back in Upstate”
A D A DBut “When in Louisville,” they say, “join the crazy ballet”
A E ASo with blazing waterguns I join the fray
F#m A Bm EYes I learned on that day what local flavor means
F#m A Bm EWith a dinner made from dumpsters on Kentucky streets
F#m D A EYou won’t learn anything tied up in restaurant chains
F#m D A E (dampen all strings)Why bother traveling if it all just tastes the same?
Interlude: A,D x 3 E, Repeat. Verse 2:
A D A D On the guidebook page a travel-weary sage
A Eis sharing the best secrets from her latest trek
A D A DThen the tourists come and money builds it up and
A E A pretty soon the place is just a wreck
D ABut when I hit the road I want pie a la mode
Efrom a café where they don’t wear uniforms
A D A DWhere the salt of the earth season their hometown turf
A E Awith art that you can’t find in any store
F#m A Bm EYes I know there’s nothing new out on the interstate
F#m A Bm EAnd a journey’s pointless if the asphalt mediates
F#m D A EYou won’t find anything if you’re tied with retail chains
F#m D A EWhy bother traveling if it all just looks the same
Verse 3:( First five lines are a capella) There’s a warehouse show out in New Mexico and films are being screened up on a Brooklyn roof Basement galleries in Knoxville, Tennessee and Tallahassee games under the moon
D ASo will you come with me to either shining sea
Eto cleanse the monoculture from our souls?
A D A DThen we’ll roam town to town listening for any sound
A E Athat can tell us they’re having a show
(single strums)A D A DSo raise a glass of your sweat to acknowledge the debt
A E Athat we owe to our most gracious hosts
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