Audacious - Never Letting Go tab version 1

			   NEVER LETTING GO - Audacious

Tuning: Standard

Hello again :) Updated WITH the solo this time, apologies for the delay if anyone's been waiting!

A   B   C#m     x2

e|---------14--------11-|B|-9---12--------12-----|G|----------------------|D|----------------------| x2A|----------------------|E|----------------------|
Verse A B C#m You came from heaven's throne E A B C#m The Father's only Son, faith that made a way to him A B C#m E You took the weight of sin, your death paid for everything A B C#m Grace that made a way for me PreChorus E A B C#m B And I will sing, sing to you, because of your ending love E A B C#m B I will sing, sing to you, because you love me Chorus E A C#m B Time and again, love never ends, finding freedom here E Never letting go of you again A F#m C#m My saving grace, champion of our faith, finding freedom here B A Never letting go of you again Verse 2 Now your words alive in me It's by faith that I believe, anything is possible You're the saviour of it all, sent to save a dying world Hope to be a freedom song PreChorus Chorus x2
Solo (UPDATED) Ae|---------------|------------------|-12-14-11-------------|---------------|B|---------------|-12-14------------|----------12-14-------|---------------|G|------9----9~--|-------11-13-13---|----------------13-11-|-13-9-8-11-----|D|-9-11---11-----|------------------|----------------------|-----------9~~-|A|---------------|------------------|----------------------|---------------|E|---------------|------------------|----------------------|---------------|
Bridge E A No other name but Jesus, no one can stand against us B F#m A Jesus you hold the victory, death and sin defeated Chorus x2 End on bridge/outro Absolutely incredible worship song, very easy to play. Updated the solo since last time, typically it's pretty easy but still sounds awesome if you nail it :) Good luck! Email me if there's any problems :)
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