Audacious – On Fire chords

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Tabbed by: makutoid

Tuning: Drop D (or standard, makes more sense for the chords)

F#m (Riff, see uploaded tab)

D Rising up, the sound of Your people
B F#m (Riff) Be lifted up in a shout of praise to You
D You're the one who broke the darkness
B F#m (Riff) Every nation running to your light
D We're gonna lift you higher
B We're gonna lift you higher
D We're gonna lift you higher
B/D# Gonna lift you up
F#m A My life, on fire
D (A Bm) Gonna shine for the world to see
F#m A My one desire
D To see your power at work in me
Bm D F#m (Riff) Never gonna let fear take hold of me, cause we are free
F#mNever gonna let fear take hold of me
C# Bm A F#m(x2)(I'm gonna lift you higher)
A BmNever gonna let fear take hold of me
(I'm gonna lift you higher) I've included where the lead guitar parts are, so like at the end of the second and fourth lines of the verse where the riff plays, and the little melody in the bridge I've included the notes played. The way that our youth group plays it is similar to the live version that Audacious do, but isn't on the album. After the second chorus (never gonna let fear take hold of me repeated so played twice) we go into a 4 bar breakdown, which is a scale slide of F#m E Bm A, and then into a solo for the duration of the chorus chords (with the last line repeated) before breaking down into the bridge as played on the CD. But of course, you don't have to do that! Happy playing, email me if there are any questions :)
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