Audacious – Open Heaven chords

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OPEN HEAVEN - Audacious-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tabbed by: makutoidE-mail:
Tuning: Standard Key: C Major
Intro Tabe|----------3----|---------3-/-5---3---0--|B|-0---1---------|-0---1------------------|G|---------------|------------------------|D|---------------|------------------------|A|---------------|------------------------|E|---------------|------------------------|
Verse 1
F C G CYou showed your grace right from the start,
F C G AmYou showed your mercy, the Father's heart,
F C G CThis act of love set me apart,
G FAnd I cry out for your love
CPour out your spirit on us,
GPour out your power on Earth,
Am FWe're standing under an open Heaven
CI put my life in your hands,
GI put my faith in your plan,
Am FI'm living under an open Heaven
Verse 2
F C G CWe know your promise, we know your call,
F C G AmYour kingdom come, life to the full,
F C G CNow I surrender heart and soul,
G FAs we cry "Your will be done",
G FAs we cry "Your will be done
Bridge 1
F C G Am F C G AmAn open heaven, an open heaven
Bridge 2
F GYour power and authority,
Am GYour sacrifice, the victory,
C GThe battle won for all to see,
F Am GThere's power in the name of Jesus (repeat)
The only thing I'm a bit unsure of is the third line of the bridge, "The battle won for all to see". I think it's C and G, however it sounds as if there's a minor accidental thrown in on the G but I'm not sure what it is... Other than that I'm pretty sure this is it, enjoy :)
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