Audio Adrenaline – Miracle tab

Band:Audio Adrenaline
Tab by Austen L.

Aight yall, 
This song rocks and is incredibly easy.  most of it is mostly muted
power chords. I'm very sure its right, except the bridge may be a
little sketchy, but its close.  

Verse I First time:G#/A/C#/D Then: A/G# (477xxx) A (577xxx) C# (x466xx) D (x577xx) Chorus: E A D E A (twice)
Verse II:Chords same as Verse IE|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|-10-----10----10-10-10---*|D|-/7-----7------7--7--7\---|(On the slides, slide down and right back up)A|-------------------------*|e|--------------------------|
Bridge: F#m Bm F#m Bm C#m Bm C#m Bm Repeat chorus End on the fill on the timing of the intro (listen to the song, you'll know what it mean)the last stray note and the end is an E(G string 7th fret) If this is wrong, patch it up and submit it, but it sounds good to me.
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