Audio Adrenaline - Worldwide Two tab

Band:Audio Adrenaline


e----------------------|B----------------------|G----------------------|D-2222-2222--5555-7777-| RepeatA-2222-2222--5555-7777-|E-0000-0000--3333-5555-| E5 G5 A5
Verse and prechorus:
e---------------------|B---------------------|G-9-99-9-9999-9-------|D-9-99-9-9999-9-7-9-2-| RepeatA-7-77-7-7777-7-7-9-2-|E---------------5-7-0-|
The verse and prechorus are played the same. Listen to the song for the timing. I'm not sure if this is 100% correct, but it sounds very similar to the way it's played and there's no other guitar tab for this song on the site. Enjoy :-)
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